About the podcast

The Lovely Woods is a podcast that features real women sharing their real stories and experiences in the outdoors. Real women who may or may not have a huge following on social media, or {GASP} may not even be on social media. Real women that may not be fully immersed in the outdoor culture, but instead work to incorporate outdoor activities into their day-to-day living. Real women who are drawn to the outdoors and spend their time hiking, biking, climbing mountains, fishing, camping and more. Real women who are doing extraordinary things in the outdoors and inspire other real women to get outside themselves.

Meet the Team

Julianne Thompson

Founder & Chief Content Creator

I grew up hiking the trails in Arkansas and now love sharing the Arkansas outdoors with my husband, Jeremy, and son, Coen. I also lead women on trails around Arkansas as the the first Arkansas ambassador for Girls Who Hike, and previously as the only Trailblazer for the 10k Women Trail Project in Arkansas.
By participating in these volunteer efforts, my passion to share other women’s stories grew. Getting to know the women that have joined me on hikes and other outdoor adventures inspired me to encourage other women who feel that the outdoors is not for them. My hope is that by sharing these stories of every day women getting out and living their best adventure, more women will begin to see that the outdoors is a place for all of us.